AI + Blockchain” SP4C3 Realizes Decentralized AI Computing Power Distribution in The World of Web3.0

With the advent of the era of Web3.0, the whole Internet technology will be upgraded again, and the demand for AI computing power will also grow in a blowout manner. With the development of blockchain industry, decentralized and centralized cloud computing and storage will gradually coexist. At the same time, with the development of 5G, cloud computing, AI and the Internet of things, all walks of life around the world, including smart city, intelligent banking system and industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, are in urgent need of corresponding massive artificial intelligence computing. A new decentralized AI cloud computing distribution platform SP4C3 came into being, and is currently undergoing early internal testing.


SP4C3 is a decentralized AI cloud computing distribution platform. It polymerizes through artificial intelligence technology in a point-to-point manner to establish a decentralized and open artificial intelligence computing power scheduling platform without authorization. SP4C3 can establish different demand scenarios according to needs, and everyone can contribute corresponding AI computing power to participate in it, so as to support the global smart city computing system and realize the landing application of industry 4.0 artificial intelligence computing power. In the future, after the SP4C3 main network is launched, it will also be a high-performance main blockchain, which can support smart contracts and up to 100000 + TPS, forming a complete Turing blockchain development ecology.


The total circulation of SP4 token is 1 billion. After the official launch of the main network, the output will decrease by half every four years, which means that the economic ecology of SP4C3 will be in a state of deflation. SP4C3 runs on various AI computing power scheduling and AI algorithm layers. SP4 will play a great role in decentralized computing power applications, building and running distributed applications, and realizing smart contracts. SP4C3 platform users spend SP4 to purchase AI computing power provided by miners to meet their various AI computing needs. In other words, the AI computing power provided by miners can solve various AI computing needs for users, not just maintain consensus through meaningless computing. This valuable computing design provides a great value incentive for miners to provide corresponding AI computing power and underlying hardware facilities for SP4C3 network as much as possible.


As a representative of high cutting-edge technology, SP4C3 has excellent practical application cases, which is in line with the future era of Web3.0 development trend. SP4C3 moves forward fearlessly, promotes the rapid development of Metaverse industry, realizes the integration, innovation and upgrading of CDN and RTC interactive live broadcasting, content launched out, object storage, 5G and other fields, and endows AI cloud computing with new value!