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With the popularity of ChatGPT at the end of 2022, AI once again became the focus of attention. The last time AI set off a wave of public opinion, or in 2016, AlphaGo defeated the world’s top Go player Li Shishi 4: 1. But unlike the last time, this time AI is even more powerful. After receiving reinforcement training, AI can create new content for users’ needs.

This time, with the outbreak of AI artificial intelligence, giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Meta have greatly expressed their skills to lay out the layout of AI artificial intelligence. American entrepreneur Elon Musk returned to the artificial intelligence track every eight years. On July 12, 2023, he announced the establishment of an artificial intelligence startup XAI, which officially joined the artificial intelligence track and challenged the popular artificial intelligence applications such as ChatGPT.

Musk said that the overall goal of XAI is to build a good AGI (general artificial intelligence) and take the vision of understanding the true nature of the universe. According to the official website of XAI, the company’s goal is to understand the nature of the universe and will work closely with Musk’s Twitter, Tesla and other companies.


During the live broadcast, Musk did not deny his competitive relationship with Openai and Google. He said that he regarded XAI as an alternative to a large artificial intelligence company, but it said that XAI is still in the budding stage. It takes time to catch up with OpenAI and Google.

Therefore, XAI will cooperate with SPACEX, the United States EA Company, and Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The integration of technology and the universe, and the AI-based public blockchain protocol aggregate ecological platform -AI Starl. AI Starl is not just a chat robot model, but a public blockchain aggregation ecological artificial intelligence model that can find solutions for the most difficult challenge.

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What does AI Starl do?

AI Starl is a public blockchain protocol aggregation ecological platform built on the web3.0 and the Yuan universe. It can use blockchain to certify, manage, data learning, and application development to create artificial intelligence to create artificial intelligence. Exclusive network, based on blockchain technology, distributed and shared virtual space, users can bandage and explore content, conduct various activities, interact with other people and entities, and use decentralized/common control encouragement data Words can bring more data to AI, thereby bringing better and new models.

Unlike the traditional blockchain protocol, the AI Starl blockchain protocol has an artificial intelligence network module with artificial intelligence. The distributed artificial intelligence algorithm is intertwined in the blockchain architecture and is the core module of AI Starl. Blockchain allows more people to share data and resources that they will not be shared before. Such large -scale data and resources are larger than the Internet. Therefore, machine learning and artificial intelligence are required for data analysis and resource call management.

At the same time, AI Starl can also be widely used to help people improve their work in Yuan Efficiency and help the economy develop rapidly.

AI Starl target

Short -term goals: Promote the integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence, and provide users with various personalized artificial intelligence services, including immersive social Yuan universe, DEFI finance, AI intelligent energy, etc. At the same time, the use of artificial intelligence automatic matching strategies opened the door for investors, provided sufficiently safe entry channels, so that extensive investors can easily use artificial intelligence to enjoy the dividend brought by decentralized finance.

Long -term goals: By combining 5G, big data, blockchain technology, Yuan universe, etc., build a good AGI (general artificial intelligence), and understand the true nature of the universe, and understand some of the unsolved mystery of the universe.

In the process, what will AI Starl do?

1) Building the world’s highest efficient data exchange center

AI Starl creates a decentralized data exchange center based on blockchain technology, which can make world cooperation more efficient, richer and more credible. The AI Starl allows AI Geek and the company to produce better models due to new scale data, and also generate updated models due to updated data.

2) Build a new ecology of artificial intelligence

AI Starl allows any geeic team or company to establish AI algorithms/models and then fund finding high -quality data, and then train algorithms/models. At the same time, it brings new economic incentives to those data providers. Bring higher value. At the same time, AI Starl has also continuously expanded the user base because of the continuous expansion of ecological applications. It has obtained traffic from the imports of smart hardware and other products in the ecology, which further increases the value of the platform.

3) Price standards for forming global data assets

AI Starl aims to establish a multi -decentralized aggregation platform based on AI. This infinite resources make a simple artificial intelligence project possible. When a large amount of data transactions are possible, the AI Starl platform will continue to update the system through artificial intelligence algorithms, and finally realize the standard for data assets.


AI Starl Core Principles

• Verification and authenticity

AI Starl believes that the value of a real and credible digital world is the highest. Each user’s artificial intelligence identity should be the mapping of real people in the digital world.

• Certification

The AI Starl blockchain protocol can authenticate users and ensure the uniqueness and authenticity of its AI, and can also verify the authenticity of the data occurred and submitted by users or developers. Anyone who helps to certify on the blockchain can get the tokens as a reward. AI Starl is a network system of mutual assistance and self -service.

• Authorization

Ai with a comprehensive function can represent their masters and be the master in the digital economy system when they are authorized. AI can participate in the relationship with other people as users anytime, anywhere. At the social level of globalization, the authorized AI can represent the owner to break the limitation of physical and time and perform activities that the owner cannot perform.

AI Starl provides a tool for the owner of AI to exercise its personal public rights, so that everyone has their image and representative ownership. Therefore, the management and control of AI’s rights belong to the owner and does not belong to any other person and institution.

• Cooperate

Anyone can simply create their AI and start to use it, participate in the application of various AI, and various communities that can be rewarded through interaction and work. At the same time, they have not only promoted the development of artificial intelligence technology. People can train their AI by providing personal data. A large number of people who provide data will create a huge information pool, and such an information pool with a large amount of personalized data can be used for deep learning. When a user provides a variety of information and optimizes the functions of the entire community, the AI ​​of everyone else will become faster, smarter, and better.

AI Starl Multi -ecological Layout

At the same time, AI Starl has layouts through the chain such as Yuan Cosmic Space, DEFI polymer, AI intelligent energy, web3, DEX, NFTS, public chain and other entities, and empowers entities such as personal assistants, banks, finance, medical health, and physical enterprises. The layout and implementation of the stage will help Volkswagen users to obtain more rights and interests, and cooperate with more institutions to explore the true nature of the universe.

Currently, AI Star will launch Phase 1.0 of the ecosystem – Metaverse space. By collaborating with the original project team of “I am the Mayor” from EA Company in the United States and internationally renowned mathematicians, utilizing 3D game technology combined with memory blockchain technology, and integrating the concept of XR, we aim to build a secure, diversified, efficient, highly immersive, and highly realistic open decentralized autonomous chain metaverse space that continuously expands automatically. We also introduce big data such as human flow, logistics, and information flow, Realize the interconnection between the virtual world and the real world.

This Metaverse space is an immersive interactive space that integrates social, entertainment, commercial, shopping, gaming, and other attributes in Metaverse virtual reality. It utilizes the world’s most advanced 3D creation engine to create various scenes in the virtual reality world, such as the main urban living area, agricultural development area, industrial development area, mining development area, entertainment and leisure area, and is equipped with a real-time time system Simulated climate system, voice social system, online shopping mall system, online entertainment system, simulated reality ecosystem, etc. Through the AI StarlMetaverse spatial survival and economic laws, users can achieve virtual world income generation while meeting the spiritual and material needs of metadomain residents, ultimately achieving traffic aggregation.

Star City will be the first city launched by AI StarlMetaverse Space, customizing the economic model of urban design to provide Metaverse enthusiasts with rich Metaverse scenes, role-playing with thousands of people and faces, unlocking multiple industries, launching ecological products and entertainment methods, bringing a new gaming experience, creating a benchmark for Metaverse cities, and casting highly representative works in the Metaverse field.

In the future, AI Star’s market users will cover over 300 countries worldwide, including North America, Europe, South America, and the Asia Pacific region. AI Star adheres to the popularization of AI artificial intelligence, Metaverse ecology, and the dividends of the Web3.0 era, returning value to every creator.

AI Star is not only an AI service public memory blockchain protocol aggregation ecosystem platform, but also a strong social, high-yield, and immersive virtual metaspace. It is also an indispensable AI comprehensive service platform for general users.