The ArtsArena in Hong Kong, which frequently appears, is set for a major breakthrough in 2024?

Hong Kong, one of the world’s freest economies, has fostered numerous outstanding blockchain projects, creating an ideal ecosystem for the flourishing of Web 3.0 technologies. Web3 digital nomads are now seeking the breath of freedom, and gathering in Hong Kong. However, attempts to continue a crypto narrative detached from reality may not be able to reappear. And the NFT market, which is more closely connected to the real world, may become the Main Event of Hong Kong’s Web3. is an innovative platform focused on NFT liquidity, value, and the Web3 domain. During a roadshow at Cyberport in Hong Kong on April 26, the team announced the launch of version 2.0. This upgraded version strengthens the connection between NFTs and core assets, aiming to create deep liquidity in the NFT market.


Subsequently, on April 27, under the leadership of shareholder representative Tang Jin, reached a strategic partnership with OneTV. OneTV (Asia’s first media group) is a satellite television station legally registered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and officially licensed by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s Communications Authority. And it is also a new cultural media group based in Hong Kong and targeting a global audience. This partnership is expected to bring wider exposure and influence. Meanwhile, it has also attracted widespread attention from the NFT community and digital asset markets.

At the Cyberport roadshow in Hong Kong, the team engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges with other project teams and attendees on key topics such as the development trends, application scenarios, and industry impacts of Web3 core technologies. This ignited the unique charm exclusive to ArtsArena, sparking lively conversations and interest among the audience.


The launch of the meme token “Rubbish Bin” announced the launch of the meme token “Rubbish Bin” in late May, aiming to make 404 more reasonable and NFTs more fun. Meme tokens have gained widespread attention in recent years for their humor and innovation.

The launch of Rubbish Bin is expected to bring forth a series of events and promotional activities to ignite user participation. By adding fun and interactivity, hopes to further enhance the vibrancy of the NFT market and attract more users to join in. Through Rubbish Bin, hopes to bring new purposes and value to NFTs.





Today, has not only strengthened existing partnerships but also expanded into new business connections, demonstrating its significant influence and serious attitude in the Hong Kong market. This lays a solid foundation for its further development in the Hong Kong and global markets.


In the coming years, especially in 2024, the Web3 market is expected to experience significant expansion. We can foresee that beyond 2024, the potential of the NFT market is far from being fully tapped. It is ushering in a new era of digital ownership, with future value and prospects that can surpass our imagination.


With’s continued expansion and deepening in the NFT market, along with its ongoing investment in technology and community building, it is believed that will seize more opportunities and achieve even more remarkable performance in the future. This will also bring considerable returns to investors!