XCoin exchange received $8 million investment from Hovito Foundation

According to related news, the Hovito Foundation announced a strategic investment in XCoin, with an investment amount of US$8 million. As an important milestone in the development and growth of XCion, this has also allowed XCion’s valuation to quickly rise to US$20 million, further proving the value and potential of theproject in the cryptocurrency trading circuit.

The Hovito Foundation has always paid attention to and been deeply involved in the development of the trading track. This investment is another important move of the Hovito Foundation in the blockchain field, and is also a reflection of the foundation’s firm confidence in the future development of the crypto industry trading platform XCoin. . As a well-known venture capital institution, the Hovito Foundation has been focused on supporting innovative blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. There is no doubt that their investment experience and deep industry insights will bring huge opportunities and advantages to XCoin.

About the Hovito Foundation:
The Hovito Foundation was established in 2018 and is an institution focused on blockchain investment (focusing on investing in infrastructure, mining, DeFi, NFT and other blockchain industries). Hovito Fund always adheres to customer-centricity, providing customers with the latest and most appropriate cryptocurrency-related investment consulting and fund management services, and will build investment portfolios based on market trends and long-term investment value, and is committed to helping customers maximize s return.
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About XCoin:
XCoin is a world-class cryptocurrency trading platform that provides spot, futures and other services to global users. As a world-class cryptocurrency trading platform, XCoin is committed to providing users with a safe, efficient, and reliable trading environment.