Ebay aims at the Web3.0 sector and benefits the new global economy

Web3.0 Decentralized hybrid contract trading platform —— creates a new field of block finance!

Ebay2023 June 20, shock, the global issuance of 1 million tokens, the final deflation destroyed to 10,000, unprecedented millions of communities together, super capital to support, incomparable competitive advantage!

Ebay is a decentralized hybrid contract trading platform deployed on arbitrum and binance smart chain initiated by the Ebay America Foundation. It supports users to aggregate various decentralized transactions such as asset pledge, contract mining and lending! At the same time, EBay has received capital injection and support from a16z, Accel Capital, Regional Capital, Hongxin Capital, Danhua Capital, Carlyle Capital, JPMorgan Chase and many other famous fund giants. Based in Asia, Europe and the United States, Pratt & Whitney Global.

Ebay takes the goal of “building the combination of industry and finance and creating a perfect capital circulation ecology”, adhering to the concept of “making investment easier and making financial management more convenient”, focuses on investment in emerging industries through blockchain technology, and is committed to becoming a Web3.0 decentralized financial management ecological platform!