Introduction to Eternal Star Charity Team

Eternal Star Charity Team, formerly known as the disaster relief organization organized by non-governmental organizations during the 2010 Haiti earthquake, mainly carries out disease treatment, medical and pharmaceutical assistance, and in 2012 was officially registered as an independent poverty alleviation, development and relief agency. It is a non-profit non-governmental charitable organization mainly for the Middle East.

Extensive and powerful charity activities are inseparable from financial support. Eternal Star Charity Team’s activity funds are mainly derived from social donations and financial asset investment, the main investment markets such as stocks, funds, cryptocurrencies, real estate, foreign exchange, etc., the team’s internal analysts have rich investment experience, providing a full guarantee for the team’s access to funds. Eternal Star Charity Team also welcomes the majority of caring people to donate generously and help to people who are suffering elsewhere in the world.

Introduction to the core members of Eternal Star

Chairman Nassaar al-Rahman, Princeton LLM., worked in Colombia, Brazil and other countries and regions for 10 years, and then returned to Saudi Arabia to provide legal and financial advisory services to many enterprises on investment financing, business operations, transaction models, mergers and acquisitions and restructuring.

Vice Chairman Evelyn Clint, a graduate of Yale University’s Department of Engineering and Foreign Languages, has worked in the Asia Strategic Development Department of the Global Web Summit Web Summit, senior investment manager in Blue Elephant Capital.

Treasurer Salma el-Samra, a graduate of the University of Chicago, helped set up and led the Kellogg Foundation’s legal team. Prior to joining the Kellogg Foundation, he worked at Junhe, where he focused on foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions and capital markets.

With an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Business Management from the Universities of Lynton, Cambridge and Lee, he works as a Senior Analyst at Greenspring Associates, responsible for fund of funds investments and direct investments in companies which are in growth stage.

Jialin Liu, Master of Divinity, Singapore Trinity Theological Seminary, Singapore, co-organized with the Southeast Asian Theological Research Institute, Pastoral Team of Life Church Singapore, Lecturer of Trinity Theological Seminary in Jiapo. He is in charge of the operation of Chinese worship, pastoral elderly fellowship, sisterhood, recreation center and hymn, ministry, etc.

Tony, with a master’s degree in economics from Trinity College Dublin and a bachelor’s degree in economics from China Youth School of Political Science, mainly serves enterprises in the financial field, and participates in annual review, mergers and acquisitions and IPO audits in aviation, shipbuilding, logistics, medicine, education, real estate, new energy, automobile manufacturing and other industries, and provides financial and tax and business consulting services for domestic and foreign enterprises in the financial field.

The Eternal Star team upholds the belief that all hardships will eventually end up insignificant memories, and only noble souls and holy spirits can be immortalized. Life is short, its value lies in sacrifices. Taken from the society and giving back to the society, the endless brilliant starlight will illuminate the darkness, eternal and immortal.