“Looking for ZK Rollup Opportunities” shared by OpenLoo representative

this is Lil Loo, from OpenLoo, a decentralized tool, working for you to get airdrop so cool. We all know that Airdrop is the best solution for attracting people’s eye in the crypto era,everyone is doing airdrop work now, Millions of people want to make money with airdrops,but they don’t know much about it, and it is difficult to continue everyday, so we will help you with a automate way.

1)What are ZK rollups and why are they important?

The full name of ZK is Zero Knowledge, which used to prove that a piece of shit is actual without disclosing any other’s information. I’m sure you guys have googled it, but it’s still hard to understand. OK Let’s put it simply, you can open the door without a key in ZK universe, and it is really safe, that’s an example to explain ZK .

In the view of Ethereum, Rollup will become a key element of ETH expansion. The Rollup solution is to move calculations, transactions on off-chain and release more space on Layer 1, make it safer and faster. Really, I think rollup is a very cool expansion solution. This means a lot for DeFi gamefi and social, User experience will be upgraded to web2 level, No one will blame DAPP too slow and too stupid anymore.

That’s Layer 2, which sttles slow TPS and high gas fees for Layer 1.

The mainstream Layer 2 projects are OP Rollup, and ZK Rollup, Optimism and Arbtrium are OP Rollup, and ZK Rollup includes zkSync, StarkNet, and Linea.

2)Is there any projects worth participating in next?

As I said, Layer 2 projects are awesome such as Arbtrium and zkSync. They are very worth to participate in . However, my personal recommendations are zkSync, StarkNet and Linea.

Because these famous projects have not yet issued tokens, we have chance to get airdrops. At present, many ecosystem dapps are on these layer2 networks. I believe everyone can experience the greatness of Crypto here.

We are a blockchain automated deployment team, and OpenLoo is a decentralized app that can help users hundreds addresses to do any interactions in hundreds dapps with an automated way, and it will be launched soon.

3)Do you have plan to deploy on any Layer2 project?

ZK Rollup is still in a very early stage, especially for ecosystems . Now, it is the best time for blockchain teams to build their project. In the long term, as the zk evm be better, ZK will be the best solution of Rollup.

Our current product, OpenLoo, is a decentralized tool that can automatically interact at Layer 2 for catching airdrops and it’s easy to use. In the future, we plan to deploy DeFi and cross-chain products on Layer 2.

Our coding team is great in the solidity language, we are very optimistic about zk evm, so we will show you our muscle in ZK WORLD.

Regarding Layer 2, I believe that there are many opportunities, so OpenLoo will definitely work hard for our target.