Pandaverse virgin bear NFT landed on coin an NFT trading market for public sale

The NFT market can be said to “Perfectly” inherit the overall situation of the current crypto market, that is, a stagnant pool, even worse in the negative aspect. However, no matter how bad the market is, some projects will rise against the trend and stand out. Just like the recent hot searches of panda universe, the constellation bear, known as the “crypto fashion trend play engine”, is more exciting. The panda virgin bear NFT has entered into a cooperation with Bi’An NFT and will be put on public sale in its trading market, becoming the most eye-catching star.

The NFT of pandaverse virgin bear has always been the focus of attention. The number of issued bears is only 700, and the issuing price is 700 busd. The off-site price has doubled to about 1500U, which is still high and still rising. With the official announcement that pandaverse virgin bear NFT will be launched on binance NFT trading market at 12:00 (UTC + 8) on August 23, Singapore time, virgin bears are even more popular. As a project with strength and courage, the performance of panda universe in the short term is obvious to all. What is the origin of this project? This article will show you some.

Since its launch, pandaverse has handed over a perfect report card, created a well-known panda community, and is committed to uniting many NFT holders to build their own NFT ecology. Subsequently, based on the ecological foundation of the first stage, we deeply explored more ecological values, strengthened the ecological construction of pandaverse, achieved the brilliant achievements of 2.0, and created the “pop money” in the NFT industry under the promotion of the trend with the top team cooperation and the peak trend art.

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The virgin bear belongs to the twelve constellations of the panda case series NFT. Its scarcity is divided by green, blue and red. Among them, Aquarius bear, Pisces bear, Aries bear and Taurus bear are emerald; Gemini bear, cancer bear, lion bear and virgin bear belong to sapphire level; While Libra bear, Scorpio bear, Sagittarius bear and Capricorn bear belong to the ruby level, with the highest scarcity. The cooperation between virgin bear and binance NFT has laid a solid foundation for the follow-up and rarer NFT sales cooperation.

Then someone asked, how to get the virgin bear whose floor price has exceeded 1500U? There are three ways to obtain NFT. The first way is to open the panda treasure box. The official price of the blind box is 20u / piece. Opening the blind box requires the destruction of 10u pndv; The second is to snap up the NFT of the rare constellation bear at the well-known exchanges, and the third is to obtain it through the lucky chart. It can be said that with rich playing methods, brand-new creativity and more reward modes, pandaverse is moving towards China’s “meta”.

Referring to pndv, we have to say that the Ido white list round of pandaverse 2.0 was held on the Dodo platform on August 9, and it was robbed in only 3 minutes. It can be said that it is a move to shape the peak and explode the encryption market. After that, the floor price of virgin bears sold by a small partner on BK exchange has reached 1500U, and many virgin bear holders are excited. As the leader of the emerging trend game meta universe, pandaverse has undoubtedly completed a feat. Its floor price has gone from the ultra-low cost in the blind box period to the highest 1500 US dollars in only one day, which means that it has completed nearly 1000 times of its income in one day.

In the face of adversity, pandaverse’s extreme deflation model has played a “protracted war”, including opening the blind box destruction, panda roulette destruction, upgrading the mining destruction, and mine pool destruction plan. The industry dividend is expected. At the same time, it also has the non-destructive mechanism of the blind box, the cost of opening the blind box is fixed, the medal of cooperation enjoys a variety of rights and benefits, and the lowest two times of the income of upgrading the panda. Among them, we can get rich rewards from opening the panda treasure box through the blind box design. We can get rich rewards from the platform by collecting the twelve bear NFT to become a panda Dao member. Then we can get several times of profits by holding the twelve bear NFT to participate in Panda upgrade mining. None of this is not the step-by-step success of amazing pandaverse in planning the layout of the meta universe.

Due to the depression of NFT market, we can not help but wonder: under the current situation of overall decline, what is driving the price rise of this “rookie” NFT? Next, we will discuss this issue together.

First of all, pandaverse’s “King bomb” like capital lineup and strong support behind it. Its top team cooperation and peak trend art have created the “ceiling” of NFT industry under the promotion of the trend. Currently, it has launched a joint brand with several image IPS that are mainly fashion trendy games, which collides with fashion sparks in different worlds. It has also accumulated tens of thousands of community users by virtue of its own advantages and operation.

After that, pandaverse will continue to create a variety of ideas, expand the space for NFT enabled brand communication, and the fashion metauniverse will also burst into infinite imagination and more ecological values. It is connecting with more and more fashion brands and artists to promote the combination of art, fashion and digital collections, and the cooperation boundary is expanding infinitely. To provide more possibilities for the development and expansion of NFT, all the surprises about the new journey of 2.0 have just begun.

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Pandaverse has always grasped the market rhythm and constantly exceeded people’s expectations. Through many innovative attempts, walking with the strong and getting the help of stars, it not only meets the needs of stars for the identity of “Web3 social upstart”, but also believes that with the continuous expansion of influence, the cooperation boundary of this resource exchange will be infinitely enlarged. At that time, pandaverse’s fashion metauniverse will burst out with infinite imagination and more ecological value.

As a leading project in the fashion industry, pandaverse is committed to building a new type of infrastructure to enable the digital development of society, and its value will surely soar in the future.