Planting grass with zero effort! Use idle Wi-Fi to mine with one click! Depin participated in DaMao and received US$4.5 million in seed round investment from multiple institutions.

What was the hottest thing in AD 24? In addition to Bitcoin ecology and inscriptions, it must be DePIN. As the Bitcoin halving approaches, the market has gradually become more active. The concept of “mobile mining” has become popular in the industry again, and the DePIN track has gradually appeared in people’s field of vision. Today I would like to introduce to you a “mining” project with great potential on the DePIN track. I hope everyone will achieve financial freedom in 24 years!

Grass is an app that allows you to earn passive income by selling unused web resources. The popular explanation is to sell your idle Wi-Fi resources to Grass. Case in point: When you sign up for the Internet, your ISP sells you a plan with a certain bandwidth. For an average internet connection, this is around 100 Mbps, in other words, your maximum download speed at any moment is 100 megabytes per second. But when you’re just reading the news, you might only be using 5 or 10 Mbps of bandwidth, but you’re paying for the entire bandwidth. Here’s how Grass works: Buy those 90 Mbps of unused bandwidth from your Internet connection and use it to view the Internet.

Worth noting: Grass doesn’t revolve around selling your data, but rather re-owning network resources that others have sold out of you, and it doesn’t make it possible to use your computer over broadband or see anything you do on it , so Grass’ unused network resources are 100% safe, secure and private. All they do is route their own internet traffic through your IP address, with zero access to your personal data. So far, Grass Wynd Network has successfully raised US$4.5 million under the attention of many investors. This figure not only demonstrates the market’s enthusiasm for the project, but also proves Grass’s huge potential in the blockchain industry.

According to the official announcement, equipment participating in Grass mining can “mine” approximately 2,000 points a day. In the later period, it is a high probability event to exchange 100 points for 1 token. Compared with the previous project Fil, Grass is in a bull market in terms of project concept, user base and release time. Therefore, some people predict that the Grass issuance price is conservatively estimated at $4.41. After Fil was issued at US$0.75, it rose to a maximum of US$237.81 per coin. Therefore, the market is full of unlimited imagination as to how much US dollars Grass can eventually raise.

The Grass project has no threshold. As long as you have one device, you can exchange your home WiFi for points or dollars. However, many users have limited equipment, single-machine mining is inefficient, multiple devices are costly, and personal time and energy are limited and difficult to manage. Therefore, Choosing a good proxy tool is the key to a high rate of return. Based on the huge potential of Grass, OpenLoo has launched a proxy product specifically for Grass to better help woolies achieve financial freedom at a low cost. OpenLoo can efficiently deploy multiple nodes to help users earn points with higher returns.

About OpenLoo:
OpenLoo is a decentralized application based on blockchain technology that aims to provide users with diverse income opportunities. Through OpenLoo, users can participate in various wool-raising activities, including airdrops, mining, liquidity provision and reward programs.
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