The IDO phase of WHA (Whale Token) will start

Among the major agricultural countries in the Philippines, the fishery contribution rate is about 20%. In the past 10 years, the fishery personnel have increased from 1150w to 1790w. The aquatic resources are rich, with more than 2,400 species of fish, and the tuna resources are among the top in the world. The developed seawater and freshwater fishery covers an area of 2,080 square kilometers. The annual GDP of fishery accounts for 2.5/2.8% of the country, with a total value of 4 trillion yuan. There are nearly more than 7,000 large and small islands, and some local fishing vessels are small, resulting in many disasters and accidents. Many problems such as transportation of other aquatic products have not been done well, resulting in the failure of the deterioration of aquatic products to quickly flow into the market, resulting in economic losses. The Bowman Development Fund initiated a fishery rescue organization, and issued the fishery governance token WHA on the Binance Chain. The total amount of issuance: 100 100 million pieces, the initial price is 0.0012u, and 10% will be used as IDO. The WHA token is a token issued to encourage users and third-party collaborators to participate in ecological construction and other behaviors with convertible value resources and rights on the BSC smart chain. As an underlying infrastructure that integrates multi-form digital assets, BSC smart chain can derive more other smart applications, such as NFT cards, games, etc. through financial smart contracts… In the future, WHA will adopt more innovative models, Drive the growth of whale token value.