The RWA blue ocean market is ushering in big changes: Two Sigma Ventures is using its innovation and foresight to show the infinite possibilities of a new wealth path in 2024!

As blockchain technology continues to mature and its integration with traditional physical assets, investment trends are once again pointing to blockchain projects, especially those digital assets that are combined with physical assets. Against this background, Two Sigma Ventures is leading the upsurge of RWA (Real World Assets) investment with its innovation and foresight, showing the infinite possibilities of a new path to wealth in 2024.

| About Two Sigma Ventures:

Two Sigma Ventures was developed and founded by TWO SIGMA, led by Blockchain Capital and Dapper Labs, and provided with top technical support by experts in the blockchain field from many countries, financial scientists and well-known trading teams in the Wall Street stock market. A decentralized open source financial platform based on RWA (Real World Assets).

Two Sigma Ventures is committed to realizing the on-chain of real-world assets. It solves the pain point of insufficient asset liquidity in traditional finance through the application of blockchain technology. Two Sigma Ventures allows any individual or institution with real-world assets to use these assets as collateral to finance on-chain. Unlike traditional finance, this financing model does not require credit ratings or complex approval processes. The entire process is open and transparent, and there is no need to trust third-party institutions. Two Sigma Ventures solves the problem of insufficient asset liquidity in the real world, effectively connects traditional business activities and blockchain finance, and injects new development momentum into the real economy. The safety and efficiency of its model have also been verified by the market. .

| About TWO SIGMA:

TWO SIGMA was founded in 2001 as a Wall Street hedge fund focusing on quantitative investment. The company was founded by John Overdeck, an apprentice of the famous quantitative investor David Shaw (D.E. Shaw). As the company’s former chief investment officer, Ku Chao has long been engaged in quantitative-led investments in neutral strategies for the stock market.

TWO SIGMA integrates asset management and market making. Its hedge funds manage US$50 billion in assets. At the same time, market makers usually have a daily trading volume of more than 300 million shares in the US stock market.

| About Two Sigma Ventures’ top team:

The Two Sigma Ventures team has grown to approximately 56 people, covering multiple fields such as blockchain, finance, and legal supervision. This team of professional talents is the solid backing for the smooth operation of Two Sigma Ventures. They play a key role in technology construction, business operations, asset management, risk control, etc., which also makes it stand out in the fierce RWA track. , is another major competitive advantage of Two Sigma Ventures. Protect the technology of Two Sigma Ventures, enable large-scale human collaboration to reach unprecedented heights and breadth, and help Two Sigma Ventures develop better and faster.

| The operating mechanism of Two Sigma Ventures:

The core of Two Sigma Ventures is to realize the on-chain transfer of off-chain assets, allowing them to enter the decentralized financial system and enjoy liquidity dividends. Its basic operation process can be summarized into the following three key steps:

A. Financialize off-chain assets. Clarify the economic attributes of assets, including asset pricing, ownership confirmation, legal compliance review, etc. These tasks lay the foundation for asset tokenization.

B. Realize the trustworthiness of financial data on the chain. Through technical means such as oracles, the connection of on-chain and off-chain data is realized, so that smart contracts can obtain key data such as asset prices in real time to ensure the reliability of on-chain prices. At the same time, encryption technologies such as zero-knowledge proofs must be used to protect the data. Privacy and security.

C. Issue tokens to realize asset tokenization. Tokens or NFTs representing asset ownership are issued to the market and investors, and investors participate in the income and liquidity of the assets by purchasing and circulating these tokens.

| Advantages of Two Sigma Ventures:

As a pioneer in the RWA track, Two Sigma Ventures’ business model and technical architecture are highly representative:

A. Two Sigma Ventures adopts an on-chain and off-chain dual-layer architecture, which can better manage compliance risks, while most competing products rely more on the review of centralized institutions.

B. Two Sigma Ventures supports mortgages of multiple types of real-world assets, while competing products have a relatively single type of mortgage assets.

C. Two Sigma Ventures has implemented Senior and Junior two-level securitization, dividing risks, and also adopted a similar advanced asset pool design.

D. Two Sigma Ventures is committed to building RWA infrastructure and works closely with multiple leading DeFi projects.


Two Sigma Ventures will warm up globally and cover hundreds of thousands of communities in Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Japan, France, South Korea and other countries at the same time.

Two Sigma Ventures adheres to the concept of decentralization of blockchain technology, based on the strength of the community and the interests of users, and gradually transitions to a fully autonomous community-based digital asset integration ecosystem. The Two Sigma Ventures community adopts global distributed collaborative working, bringing together all parties with obvious advantages and consistent ideas, implementing the values of tokenization of physical assets, and achieving sharing, co-ownership, and co-governance with the community and users.

| Conclusion:

Two Sigma Ventures’ vision is to promote innovation in the tokenization of physical assets and provide more investment opportunities for global users. Two Sigma Ventures provides secure, efficient, and transparent digital financial solutions that enable users to purchase and hold part of various physical assets, bringing changes to the global financial system to better meet the needs of users.

Two Sigma Ventures has set an example in the field of tokenizing physical assets. The milestones Two Sigma Ventures has achieved and its future plans demonstrate its determination to lead this field. As blockchain technology continues to develop, we look forward to Two Sigma Ventures bringing more innovation and change to the financial field.