Football Fans worldwide should be thrilled about the upcoming World Cup 2022 in Qatar which might be the swansong major tournament for several greats such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, etc. In the current market, other than watching the matches, fans are also interested in collecting and buying NFTs associated with their favourite players and soccer clubs.

Fans can own these NFTs by collecting digital Video Moments, fan tokens or trading cards. Likewise, most of these Football NFT projects are tied to game mechanism which would allow their holders to gain some sort of monetary rewards. Ownership of these NFTs, would give the fans utilities which they can empower to support their favourite clubs and players on a more personal level. I.E. Recently Crawley Town Football Club signed a player based on the votes of fans and NFT holders. The ownership of NFTs allows the fans to participate in major decisions made by clubs.

In line with World Cup 2022, let’s us explore top 5 Football related NFT projects in the blockchain market right now


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Sorare is one of the best football card trading games, if not the best, in the blockchain industry. The players of the Sorare gaming platform would get access to more than 280 professional football clubs and their players. The platform’s NFT collection game facilitates users to collect players from various football leagues. Apart from that, these collected players can be used to form an online gaming squad. Earning money with Sorare NFTs is possible in two ways: trading soccer NFTs after value appreciation on the one hand, or weekly income based on the performance of soccer players lined up in the team

Sorare is valued at 4.3billion Euros in year 2021 and this value remain relatively stable despite the bear market. The most expensive NFT sold at the Sorare platform featured Erling Haaland. Haaland’s NFT was sold above $600,000, breaking the record held by Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT($400,312).Being backed by high profile footballers as their ambassador such as Kylian Mbappe,Rio Ferdinand, etc, we think that they definitely deserve a place in our Top 5!

With the help of, fans are empowered with major club influences and decision making. Users of can purchase fan tokens of prominent football clubs such as Barcelona, PSG, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Arsenal, Manchester City, etc. Apart from fans tokens, the platform also launched its NFTs for users. AC Milan was the first team to partner with on their NFT journey. Following AC Milan, other prominent football clubs like Barcelona, Juventus, PSG, and Valencia CF offered NFTs through

Socios is powered by their digital currency called Chiliz and their users can purchase Chiliz on their app to purchase the fan tokens or NFT collections. Chiliz is valued at 1.19billion USD and this valuation is expected to rise due to the prominence of fan tokens in the fan industry. Do not hold us for it, but we genuinely believe could be the top Football related project in the near future; you can’t be way wrong if you have Lionel Messi as one of your ambassadors!

LaLiga and Dapper Labs NFTs


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Dapper Labs, creator of NBA Top Shot, have partnered with La Liga to launch ‘Golazos’, an official non-fungible token (NFT) platform for digital video collectibles based on iconic moments from Spanish soccer’s top flight. The platform allows fans to buy and sell NFTs consisting of officially licensed footage involving LaLiga players and teams

Dapper labs market valuation is currently round 7.6billion USD and we foresee that given their success in NBA top shots, their business model is well tuned to be a hit in the footballing scene as well. That’s why they have to be in our TOP 5 Football related NFT projects and as a side mention, we really love how we can use credit card to purchase their NFT in their peer to peer marketplace


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Trading cards have a huge fan base regardless of age. Fanzone is an online platform that facilitates fans to trade, buy and collect digital trading cards. This project allows its football fans to participate in weekly raffles, mini-games, and competitions. Participation enables them to receive rate cards and rewards.

We like Fanzone as it is running on Polygon which we feel is very suitable for trading cards platforms since the gas fees would be much lower! The downside is that this is a multi-sports platform whereby football only carry a certain weightage.


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FMEX (Football Metaverse Experience) is a relatively new entry into the football NFT scenes, but they currently boost Michael Owen, Wesley Sneijder as their brand Ambassador and their first NFT launch is a top tier German club, Borussia Dortmund. They have also listed a Japanese Football Manga, Real Betis, Andre Iniesta, Barcelona and Lionel Messi as their future NFT collections!

What we like about FMEX is their simplicity. The concept of their game is geared towards casual games (like puzzle bubble, etc) and to us, this is something refreshing in Football NFT projects. Sometimes the human mind does need to take a break and not break a sweat while playing games

Likewise, we like the fact that they are giving signed merchandise from Football clubs and players, fans greet and meet session as part of the Utilities. To Football fanatics, there is no greater joy than seeing your favourite players/ clubs in action, speaking to them personally or getting their signed jerseys! The personal touch on this project is what put them on our Top 5 Football related NFT project.